18 May 2022: Haiti’s Flag Day

Our flag states L’Union fait la Force (Unity makes strength), but I say Unity is Strength. Wherever I have a chance to put my feet, the Haiti Flag is always tied in my head just to show the rest of the planet that we Haitians are still alive. We are ONE family, ONE sweet nation. Pou drapo a flote pi wo.

Mwen koube bien ba pou salye kouraj tout ayisyen patou atravè globe la e poumwen Di Bòn fêt drapo Ayiti.

Li pa sufi aprè 219 lane batay sou tout fôm, batay kô a kô, batay sikoloji ect…

Wi nou se moun vre, men Èske nou ap viv, 𝐌𝐎𝐔𝐍 brigue Mwen yo kijan nouye tout 𝐌𝐎𝐔𝐍 tigwav Mwen swete nou kouraj ayiti gen pou chanje e ayiti pral chanje. Souvan yo di drapon se fyète’n men elas. 219 lane pa 219 jou Mwen renmen nou. Prensnelo Amical.

I bend down to salute the courage of all Haitians around the world and to celebrate Haitian Flag Day. It is not enough after 219 years of fighting in all its forms: fighting hand to hand, fighting psychology etc.

Yes, we are human, but are we living as humans? How are you my people in Brigue, especially in Petit Goave? I wish you good courage. Haiti has to change and Haiti will change. Our flag is often said to be our pride, but shame on us: 219 years is not 219 days. I love you all.

Prensnelo Amical


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