Landscape painting – House in Grey

Landscape paintings capture hillsides, mountains and valleys; seas, lakes and ponds; from forests to seacoasts, with or without people and buildings.

For Caribbean painters, our landscapes are often full of people and common trees like coconut and flamboyant. I teach my students the basics about Caribbean landscape style, and guide them how to use 2 or 3 colours to create a Caribbean painting. See the painting I did, ‘House in Grey.’

Based on my own experience, I advise young Artists not to agree to be paid after they finish a painting. Make sure you receive at least 50% upfront – non-refundable – for your time and materials.

Early man has captured his environment through landscape drawing and painting from the earliest ancient periods. With good guidance, of course, landscape painting is an easier type of art to learn, as a beginner, to tell your story.

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